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Stonebridge Homeowners Association was formed to promote the health, safety, welfare, and common benefit of the owners and residents of Stonebridge at Meridian Ranch; to provide a governing entity for this residential planned community; to own, administer, maintain, repair, and reconstruct the Common Areas of the community; and to perform all obligations and duties of the HOA. In short, this community association was created for the purpose of creating and sustaining a desirable community for the owners & residents of Stonebridge!

The Developer established covenants on the property for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, desirability, and attractiveness of the property. These Covenants run with the land (not the owner) and are binding on, and exist for, the benefit of all persons having title or interest in property within the community.

The Association is an established Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Colorado. Authority to operate the Association was given to a Board of Directors, which is currently appointed by the Declarant (the Developer) and will later be elected by the members after the Period of Declarant Control. The Board of Directors serves in a fiduciary relationship with the members and is obligated to make decisions according to the best interest of the community as a whole. Board members are not permitted to make decisions that serve their individual purpose alone. Each Owner can and should feel secure in their ability to rely upon the responsibilities of these individuals! The Bylaws of the Association is the "operations manual" of the organization. It defines the duties (tasks it must do) and the powers (actions it CAN do) of the Board of Directors. Only three voting rights are reserved for the Members:
  • The voting right to ratify the annual budget and any special assessments
  • The voting right to elect and remove Directors
  • The voting right to amend certain governing documents.
All other voting rights are held exclusively for the Board of Directors, based on their fiduciary obligation to the members. This is why you will be strongly encouraged each year to attend and participate in the Annual Meeting of the Membership, which is the time that the Members' voting rights are exercised!

Our Management Team
Our Association is managed by the professional team at Warren Management Group. Warren Management is an Accredited Association Management Company, an accreditation held by very few management companies nationwide. This accreditation speaks to Warren Management's commitment to professional standards and accountability to its clients. Jamie Adams, CMCA, AMS, PCAM is our Association’s manager. She is assisted by Melonie Marshall You can reach them directly at (719) 685-8743.Jamie and Melonie's preferred method of communication is via e-mail. It’s not that she doesn’t want to speak to you, but e-mail provides a “paper trail” that assists the team in follow-up and clarity in understanding the issue you may need addressed. You can most effectively communicate via e-mail at

The management office is located at 1720 Jet Stream Drive, Suite 200, which is located in the Northgate subdivision of Colorado Springs off Voyager Drive. You are welcomed to stop by and meet the staff; however, know that appointments are helpful to make sure they are available.

The Board of Directors
The Association, at its beginning, is in what is called the "Period of Declarant Control," which means that while the Declarant (the Developer) owns more lots than anyone else, it gets to appoint all members to the board, therefore having "control" and responsibility of Association decisions. Even now, the Board elects its officers annually. The President of the Board is the presiding officer of the Board. The Board utilizes the services and expertise of a Management Company, Warren Management Group, to advise and guide the Board in its decision-making role and to carry out the day-to-day operations of the Association.

The Board meets every other month to address the business needs of the Association. Additional meetings may be called from time to time to address the responsibilities of the Board, which are defined in the Bylaws. Details regarding scheduled meetings will be posted on the Events Calendar.

Assessments are determined by the approved annual budget, with each Owner paying their proportionate share of the common expenses as outlined in the Declaration of Covenants. Each year, a Notice of Assessment will be sent from the Management Office to each Owner, notifying them of the amount of assessment due and payable for that fiscal year. Assessments are to be paid monthly. Owners have several options for making their assessment payments. An Invoice is provided for those who want to write a personal check each month or for those that use direct pay by their bank. The invoice needs to be sent along with each payment so that the payment is certain to be deposited against the proper account. Payments are sent directly to the Bank where Management holds a lockbox service agreement. This ensures that payments are posted one day faster (than if they went through the management office for deposit) and reduces opportunity for error or loss.

Those interested in setting up ACH (Automatic Clearinghouse) payments can find the form online to sign up. Then the ACH payment will be withdrawn from your bank account automatically on the first of each month (the due date of the assessment) and you don’t have to do anything else!

One additional alternative is making payment online. To do this, click on “Make an Online Payment.” You will be redirected to the Management Company website, where online (debit card or credit card) payments can be processed.

Community Streets...and Snow Removal
The streets in our community are public, meaning that they are maintained by El Paso County.

Enjoying Your Pets in Our Community
Association appreciates it residents picking up after their pet at the time of exercising them. Dogs need to be exercised rather than tethering to an area. We realize that pets love to be out in the fresh air, but unattended pets present many potential issues, including (1) interaction with wildlife/pet safety, (2) boredom by the pet that results in nuisance barking, (3) tangling of the chain/lead that could harm the pet, and (4) damage to landscape.

Part of the responsibility of pet ownership is being willing to provide for the exercise needs of your pet, and when our residents live in such close quarters with one another, we need to be sensitive to the impact that our pet has upon others. re is a different level of tolerance between a "pet lover" and a "non-pet" person; neither are wrong -- they simply have differing appreciations for pets! We want to be tolerant and respectful of both!

Let's be a pet-friendly community! Balancing the needs of pets and respecting those who are not pet-enthusiasts is a delicate balance that we strive for.

Trash Service
The Association has used its collective buyer power to engage waste removal services for the community’s residents at its best value. The Association has contracted with Rocky Mountain Disposal for service. Each residence has its own totes and bins for recycling, which is inclusive in the Association’s budget. Service day is Wednesday (recycling is collected every other week - please check calendar).

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